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The best thing ever invented was...

posted 4 May 2016, 07:28 by Unknown user   [ updated 4 May 2016, 07:37 by Unknown user ]
Heyye...this is my first blog post. :3

I think that the best thing ever invented was...language!! The entire concept of language and writing is amazing. It's something that humans came up with by themselves. It's almost a completely made up concept of sounds and meaning, all originating from something else and the idea of translating into other languages is so fascinating. Letters are just shapes that humans made up and the idea that different people around the world make different sounds to communicate verbally, and different shapes and markings to communicate using writing is so weird. If you think about it, every sentence you ever said is just a combination of millions of different sounds and every book is just a combination of just 26 characters. What if humans never came up with language? How was language even developed? Literally, EVERYTHING is based off of language. If it wasn't invented, we wouldn't have anything else. I think humans would have gone extinct if it hadn't been invented. Without language, there is no society to begin with.

WOWZA okiie that got dark and weird pretty fast...hope you enjoyed it. NOW THINK ABOUT IT FOR THE REST OF YOU LIFE...