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18 Megan

Fort McMurray Fire

posted 11 May 2016, 07:53 by Unknown user   [ updated 11 May 2016, 07:53 by Unknown user ]

  The Fort McMurray fire is a wild fire that started beside the town. The wild fire was thought to pass Fort McMurray but the winds changed suddenly and very quickly the forest fire hit Fort McMurray. The fire hit many homes burning them to ash. The people of Fort McMurray left their homes and are waiting for the fire to go out. Natural disasters are always hard to stop and create a lot of damage. I hope the fire can stop soon so the people of Fort McMurray can have their homes back.

Best Invention Ever Made

posted 27 Apr 2016, 07:53 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Apr 2016, 07:53 by Unknown user ]

    The best invention ever made was cake. Who thought that adding eggs, sugar and flour into a bowl to be put in the oven can make such a tasty treat. Cake and other treats come in many unique flavors. There is chocolate cake, vanilla cake and ice cream cake. The best part about cake it that it can be eaten in all different kinds of celebrations. My favorite type of cake is ice cream cake but I also like lemon cake. There are many other types of cake that I like but I can't name them all. That's why I think cake is the best invention ever made.

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