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13 Max

Hi I'm good at basketball

Gun Violence

posted 20 Jun 2016, 07:21 by Unknown user   [ updated 20 Jun 2016, 07:21 by NavyaH 81 ]

We should ban guns because guns kill people

Raptors Playoff Struggles

posted 11 May 2016, 07:45 by Unknown user   [ updated 11 May 2016, 07:45 by NavyaH 81 ]

With Kyle Lowry shooting the worst FG % of any player who took more than 40 shots, and DeMar DeRozan being benched in 4th quarters, and don't forget to mention our best (and most consistent) performer Jonas Valanciunas out for series, I honestly don't know how we are 6-5 in the playoffs. And without JV, I expect Miami to sweep the floor with us.

The Person Who Has Made The Biggest Impact On My Life is...

posted 4 May 2016, 07:37 by Unknown user   [ updated 4 May 2016, 07:37 by NavyaH 81 ]

He is the reason I started playing basketball. I remember  when I was 7 years old, I would watch the first quarter of the Lakers-Celtics finals series, see Kobe pull off his patented fadeaway, then the next day I'd try it on the driveway.  Without him, I wouldn't be near as good a basketball player then I am.

Another invention

posted 27 Apr 2016, 07:50 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Apr 2016, 07:50 by NavyaH 81 ]

Internet! That's what I'm using to type this.


posted 27 Apr 2016, 07:47 by Unknown user   [ updated 4 May 2016, 07:24 by NavyaH 81 ]

The best invention ever is the game of basketball because it gives me something to do every day. It keeps me from being fat. It was invented by James Naismith and he is Canadian.

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