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07 Naseem

Second Post That Was Supposed To Be The First... (My Best Invention I Made)

posted 27 Apr 2016, 07:50 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Apr 2016, 07:50 by Unknown user ]

Well I've never really made to many things outside of minecraft so I might aswell make this into two parts one for real life the second part for the minecraft or the other way around, So one of my greatest inventions was a redstone contraption which was a player launcher that was double layered with custom layers of TNT where it would launch you up a bit then finished the blast from 5-10 upwards which would then displace you from your location from at least 300 blocks up to the air causing it to be the strongest one I seen since this day so I'm decently proud (I could do better today than back then...). the second part of this blog will consist me in grade 5 making a hand powered generator out of maxie glass it couldn't produce the most amount of electricity but was good enough I presume so I'm done... (I really need a outro this is getting weird).

First post (Snow Cloak Articuno)?!?!

posted 27 Apr 2016, 07:39 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Apr 2016, 07:39 by Unknown user ]

Well this is my first post so welcome... Either way today I'm telling you what happened to me on my pixelmon server well first I'd like to say I bet 200 thousand dollars and won in a battle that's where I got part of the money to buy this (PERFECT) snow cloak Arti it costed me 300 thousand to buy and I bought it. So far I haven't used it in battle but I figured it might be good for some of the elite 4 gyms such as rock and fighting, one of the most commonly used rock type moves are stone edge and rock tomb and some others and that would be super effective to Arti although because of hail and the snow cloak mixture it would be impossible for the person I battle to hit especially when I fight the fighting types the only thing I worried about is if they have higher speed and one shot me that's my only worry to have the Articuno so I might have another pokemon use it so when I switch out I have a small shield towards Arti well I guess I'm done for today.

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