81 Homework

Wednesday November 14, 2018

posted 14 Nov 2018, 12:53 by MonisA 81   [ updated 14 Nov 2018, 16:24 ]

 Science- Show your quiz to your parents and get it signed and returned to Mr. Jailal 
 Language- (Your choice) Research about the song Alabama by Neil Young (All work is done in class)
 History- Do history questions on page 61-63 1,2 and 3
 I.T- Update all pages on your portfolio website               
 French- Study for reading test, Study weather vocabulary, and finish the french worksheet on weather we got today

Tuesday November 13th 2018

posted 13 Nov 2018, 12:50 by MonisA 81   [ updated 13 Nov 2018, 12:56 by HassanO 81 ]

 Math- Study for math test on circles, do page 263 the practice test (time yourself)
 Science- Go to 85.rtms.ca and show your parents the science topics for this term
 French- Practice the reading assessments that Ms. Mayeda will send for next weeks reading test. Also finish the page that Ms. Mayeda handed out today.                                
 Language- (If you want) Research Neil Young for the music literacy (all work is done in class)
 It- Update your portfolio website due next class

Monday November 12

posted 12 Nov 2018, 12:56 by MonisA 81

 Science- Go to 85.rtms.ca show your parents the science topics for this term
 Math- test Wednesday 
 It- Update your portfolio website
 French- Ms. Mayeda will send us a new practice reading assessment every day on google classroom, make sure to finish it

Friday November 9th, 2018

posted 9 Nov 2018, 11:21 by Ms A Mayeda RTMS

 French- Finish the 2 questions on John McCrae what his emotions   were   when he wrote the poem in Flanders Field and Tommy Prince who he was   and what he contributed and also study for french reading test next week
 Math- Study for test November 14th
 Other- If you have not bring interview forms and course selection forms for   grade nine, and also bring in the scientist in the school form if you want to   participate in that

Thursday November 8th

posted 8 Nov 2018, 12:34 by MonisA 81   [ updated 8 Nov 2018, 15:11 ]

 Art- Finish your stipple art due tomorrow!
 Language- Read 30 min
 French- Finish the sheet on the podcast we heard today!
Other- Get your pink grade 9 course selection sheet in, get your interview sheet in (First come First serve basis) and bring your   report car envelope back

Wednesday November 7th 2018

posted 7 Nov 2018, 12:28 by MonisA 81

 Language- Finish History questions page 57 #1,3,4 (Do not do 2)
 Art- Finish your stipple art due next class
 Other- Hand in your pink colored course selection sheet by Friday!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

posted 6 Nov 2018, 11:13 by Ms A Mayeda RTMS

 French- Finish your poem on remembrance day (do not copy anything from the internet)
 Math- Textbook page 250# 1,2,5,6,8 and 9
 Science- Study for our science test on the light microscope test is tomorrow
 Other- Hand in your pink form with the courses for grade 9 by Friday!

Friday November 2nd

posted 2 Nov 2018, 11:22 by MonisA 81   [ updated 4 Nov 2018, 16:59 by TahaH 81 ]

 French- Memorize the French poem (on google classroom)
 Language- Sign the history test 
 Math- Questions 252 # 8-12 and math exit slip next week
 Other- Bring in picture forms 
 (Update website yourself if I forgot something)

Thursday November 1st

posted 1 Nov 2018, 12:49 by MonisA 81   [ updated 1 Nov 2018, 15:49 ]

 Math- Finish the math sheet and Textbook page 250 1-6 
 History- Sign the history test
 French- Study french vocabulary on remembrance day and the remembrance day poem (on google classroom)
 Science- Study for science test on the light microscope Nov 7th
 Other- Register your locker on Lockers.rtms.ca 

Tuesday October 30th 2018

posted 30 Oct 2018, 12:59 by MonisA 81

 Math- Finish the double sided math sheet
 Language- Finish history questions page 39 # 1,2,3 and sign your history test
 Music- (For general students only) Finish the google form ms.Moon sent us
 Art- Finish your stipple art
 Other- Register your locker on Lockers.rtms.ca 

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